Curriculum & Technology

Windham Southwest is committed to collaboration within and across our schools to share and develop curricula, assessment, professional learning, and instruction by integrating technology into our teaching, learning, use of data, and communication practices.

Windham Southwest is currently focusing on three initiatives for teaching and learning to maximize benefits for all students across the Supervisory Union (click on an initiative to learn more):

Each of these initiatives supports our shared goals of meeting and exceeding Vermont's Education Quality Standards (EQS). Beginning in 2016-2017, all supervisory unions and schools in Vermont will be judged according to the EQS by VT state Education Quality Review teams who assess through school visits using a variety of methods, rather than just state test scores and census data. In addition to the three initiatives for teaching and learning, Windham Southwest is developing comprehensive systems of assessment (CAS) to meet EQS, to understand how well we our doing, and to improve communication with our students, parents and communities.

For more information, contact the WSWSU Director of Curriculum & Technology Integration:

Michael RobbGrieco

802.464.1300 ext. 122