Staff Directory

Finance & Business Office


Karen Atwood

Business Manager

Michelle O'Neil

Assistant to the Business Manager

Betsy Moseley

AP Specialist

Sandy Hale

Payroll Specialist

Wendy Musiak

HR & Grant/Data/Project Specialist


Data & Curriculum _________________

Mike RobbGrieco

Director of Curriculum & Technology

Adam Bisson

Data & IT Manager

Pam Bernardo

EST/MTSS Coordinator


Operations & Facilities ___________________

Sean Youmell

Operations & Facilities Manager

Cathy Morse

Transportation Coordinator


Special Education


Troy McAllister

Director of Special Education

Dr. Dina Casey

School Psychologist

Shannon Fike

Special Education Support Clerk


Superintendent's Office


Barbara Anne Komons-Montroll Superintendent

Lauren Biasi

Executive Assistant